Quick Experiment – Cyclists V Motorists breaking red lights

Normally I dislike framing any conversation around cyclists versus motorists, we are all individuals using the road and all individually responsible for our actions, we don’t behave as groups on the road and therefore should not be referred to in such a manner.

But yesterday was the day that new on the spot fines for cyclists came into force. Now of course all road users should abide by the rules of the road, even if the majority of those rules were written with very little thought given to cyclists. One of the rules which could now attract an on the spot fine was of course, breaking a red light, and rightly so in most cases.

However, I think most people would agree that we don’t see as much enforcement of the rules of the road as we would like. I certainly see a lot of breaking of the rules of the road on my daily commute, 90% of time by motorists. Some people don’t believe me when I tell them this, so yesterday I decided to conduct an experiment and show an honest reflection of how many cyclists versus how many motorists broke the red lights on my cycle home.

I think it’s reasonable for limited Garda resources to concentrate their enforcement efforts on road users that are likely to cause more harm on the road. When you compare a 2 tonne metal car with a 15 kilo bicycle, the balance of danger is pretty obvious. Of course I’m not saying individuals, who happen to be using a bicycle, should get away with breaking the rules. All I’m saying is it is common sense to concentrate enforcement efforts where the dangers are highest.